I am afraid she might jilt me

Dear Heartmatterz,

When we met I was a teacher at a training college and she was in first year of a nursing training college. That was about five years ago. I made my intention of marrying her after our education very clear to her and initially she was all for it.


I have introduced her to my family and they all like her but she has refused to introduce me to her people and anytime I raise it she becomes offended.

Of late she has started disturbing me about the age differences between us saying the five years gap might create problems for us in future and that my decision to pursue a degree programme in the university before settling down with her would not help matters.

I don’t know what has come over my friend and I fear she might jilt me very soon.


I am confused and miserable and I shudder anytime I think about losing her.

Paa Tee,



May 5th, 2015 by