I Saw Him In A Vision

I am 25 years old and a final-year undergraduate.I met this man through his sister, whi is my friend. He is 27 years old and works in an oil company in delta state. We became friends and after a while, I had a vision that he is my life partner. When i told him about this, he ws so happy but replied that though he also wanted me, He would not give me an answer yet until he had prayed about it too Later, i found out that he took me as a cheap girl, who was throwing herself at him! I had to send him message that i was no longer interested and he replied that he was happy at my decision and waited for it all this while.  Really,I saw this vision,not that i lied, What do i do?
Since you had a vision that he was yours may be you should have exercise patience and not sent the text message. I don’t think it was wise telling him about the vision. That was why he ended up seeing you as cheap. You should have also prayed for God to show him the same vision inorder to avoid any confusion. Now that he has said no, I suggest you pray about it again.


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