I have been in a relationship for 11 years but we have been married for four years with three children. I have never enjoyed material bliss and everything became a nightmare when i hd my first child. My husband calls me names in the presense of his friends and family members,to the extent that they dont respect me. He beats me up whenever there is an argument and he does not take me or children out.Whenever i go out  with my friends;he refers me as a lesbian! Now, I have started avoiding my friends. I have not received any gift from him neither does he kiss or hug me. I am thinking of leaving him but my mother disagreed  because of my children. I cannot bear it anymore. What do i do?
I would not advise divorce because these issues are subject to changes as long as both of you are determ9ned to build a peaceful home together. I know something went wrong somewhere because you did not say  he was like that during the seven yeras of courtship. It is wrong for a husband to insult his wife before his relative but dont adress it violently. As a wife ,learn to make peace;understsnd what he complains about and which areas he wants change from you too. On the issue of spousal abuse,do all you can to avoid arguing with him. Dosent he have someone he respects that you can report him to? Please find out and see if that will work
Also,do you have a means of his livelihood? If he continues this way you should be prepared of facing the reality of living without him
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