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May 6th, 2015 by heartmatterz

My Husband always tells me he hates me when he’s mad, and that our marriage is a shame, even calls me every names in the book.

Why? do happy men actually say these things when they are mad? Would a happy man say these things? I know arguments happen in any relationship, but there are just things I couldn’t imagine saying, because I would never think them in the first place. So how can he even say these things to me if he doesn’t even mean them? I have lots of things to be happy about in our relationship. He treats me great when we are not disagreeing, or arguing. But when we fight about silly unimportant things, he says all these hurtful things. It’s causing a problem, because when things are good, I can’t help but think about the things he says when he is mad. Even if after he says he didn’t mean any of it

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